Kpop 2018 Mix | Top 50 2nd half (July-December) [Subs Votes]

Tracklist with timestamps and final points list will be added tomorrow since I dont want to spoil you guys!
2nd half as you can see is a bit different as 1st half, the results of the votes were so interesting that I needed to make an actual top, and this brings us to the explanation of how this top was made:
You will see in most of the songs two numbers x(+y)
the first number, x, is the amount of people who voted for that songs as one of their five favorites, but, since there were many songs with the same points, I needed to make a poll, and that is the second number (+y) and with this, the top was made!

I cant add or remove ads, all the revenue from them go the the owners of the songs | 저는 광고를 추가하거나 삭제할 수 없습니다. 광고의 모든 수익은 노래 소유자들에게 돌아갑니다.
I do not own any of this songs, all rights go to the owner | 나는 이 노래를 가지고 있지 않으며, 모든 권리는 소유자에게 주어진다.

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