Here’s the Top 85 Most Viewed #KPOP Songs of 2019 so far! The list just keeps growing as the year goes on. I make these videos for a number of reasons, which I’ll list in order:

1. I want K-Pop fans to see that even great songs get low views, so it may create an incentive for them to go and watch those videos to support the artist.

2. It’s interesting to know which songs go viral and to see what trends are happening. An interesting trend this week is that N.Flying gained many views thanks to the success of their song ‘Rooftop’.

3. Finally, it’s important to note that while views aren’t everything, they are still very important for the artist (particularly artists from smaller companies). It brings them revenue, helps them get discovered through YouTube’s algorithm, makes them more marketable for brand deals and advertisements… etc. The list of benefits from helping to increase their views is practically endless. So hopefully this video will aid you in choosing which artists you would like to support more.

The rules of the chart are as follows:

1. If a song has an official MV uploaded on more than one official channel, we combine those views. For example: a song is uploaded on an official artist’s channel, + any promoter channels such as 1thek or Stone Music Entertainment.

2. We do not include original soundtrack songs, songs sung in languages other than Korean for the majority of the song, dance practice MVs, alternate MVs such as performance versions or selfie-cams, etc. We will only combine views if the MV is EXACTLY the same as the one they’re promoting.

Now I know for a fact that I’m probably missing a few songs that should be on this list, so please feel free to comment below any songs you think I’ve missed. Thank-you!

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New Entries this week include #SUNMI, #TXT, #JUS2 & more!

Songs in this chart:

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