The K-Ville Music Awards is back! — It’s time for you all to vote in the categories you care about for the artists you think deserve to win! 2018 was one of the best years we’ve had in K-Pop, and it’s time for you to decide the best of the best!

A few notes about the KMA’s before you vote:

1. The nominees were decided by myself and a fellow staff member, Dearna (who runs social media). We have no input as to who wins in each category.

2. Debuting groups in 2018 (such as (G)I-DLE and Stray Kids) were not eligible to be nominated for “Best Boy or Girl Group”, because they are already nominated in the “New Group” category.

3. You can vote for as many nominees as you want, but you can only vote one time, so vote wisely!

4. The “Song of the Year” award will be given to the song that gained the most points on our Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart over the year of 2018!

The winners will be announced on the 12th of July!

The links to vote in the categories are as follows:

Best Co-Ed Group Link: https://poll.fm/10346093
Best Band: https://poll.fm/10346097
Best Sub-Unit: https://poll.fm/10346102
Best New Boy Group: https://poll.fm/10346103
Best New Girl Group: https://poll.fm/10346105
Best New Male Artist: https://poll.fm/10346107
Best New Female Artist: https://poll.fm/10346110
Best Underrated Boy Group: https://poll.fm/10346112
Best Underrated Girl Group: https://poll.fm/10346113
Best Choreography: https://poll.fm/10346115
Best Collaboration: https://poll.fm/10346116
Best Hiphop/Rap Artist: https://poll.fm/10346118
Best Female Solo Artist: https://poll.fm/10346119
Best Male Solo Artist: https://poll.fm/10346120
Best Girl Group: https://poll.fm/10346122
Best Boy Group: https://poll.fm/10346124
Best Album: https://poll.fm/10346127
Best Music Video: https://poll.fm/10346131

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