The steps to enter is as follows: (you don’t need to be subscribed but it’s preferable)
1. You must have or make an AMINO account, and get the BASE app on your phone.
2. Sign up to the Amino creators program through this link:
(If you don’t use this link you won’t be eligble.)
3. Upload a story that has minimum 3 scenes, including one scene that is at least 10 seconds long, and add background music. Amino has background music available on the app if you don’t have your own.
4. COMMENT YOUR USERNAME ON THIS VIDEO. This is the most important step as if I don’t have your username I can’t confirm you signed up through the link.
5. Entries can be done up until the 20th of July, and the winners will be announced on the 22nd of July. Multiple entries are allowed but I don’t recommend it.

2 winners will get an album of their choice from Amazon, as long as it is $30 USD or lower. Winners will need to contact me through instagram, which is in the description.

business email:
instagram: m.nt.y

This video falls under fair use. If you have any issues with my content (something important or legal) then feel free to send me an email.