It’s been 4 months but I’m still alive.

Here is why I dropped this channel for quite a long time:
(Sorry if the text is full of mistakes … T^T)

First of all: I got into other type of music and I got a bit bored of Kpop. It’s not the songs, groups,… that got me bored but mostly the fandoms. I am now talking about the toxic fandoms, you know the ones that make you feel embarassed being a Kpop fan… And I started listening to a lot of new artists so it’s been quite a long time I didn’t really watched the new Kpop MVs and here is the second point:
Like I just said I wasn’t really into Kpop these months so I haven’t seen a lot of the new MVs so the thing is, if I do a video without including this new song or this new group that everybody is talking about at the moment, I will have like one hundred comments about the fact that I didn’t put this in my video and guys, this kind of comments sucks. Like really.
Just for you to realize, I started feeling scared of doing a video without puting new songs because I didn’t want to have 400 comments about that but this is MY channel so I do what I want. So from now on I decided that I’m only going to make videos I like and I don’t care if X group or X song isn’t in a video because it’s my video so I can choose the songs/groups I put in. I don’t even know if people will read this hahah but it’s good to be back on YouTube ^^

I don’t own the videos of Pentagon, all the rights goes the owner.