New K-Pop Songs | November 2019 (Week 4)

It’s time to discover new K-Pop artists, witness rookies rise to the top, celebrate when our legends come back, and die of shock when an unexpected comeback happens! These are your New K-Pop Songs from November 18th – November 24th, 2019!

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This week we have new #KPOP songs from #ASTRO, #WJSN, #CIX, #AWEEK, #ONE, #JunHyoSeong, #Minah and so much more!

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Songs Included:

WJSN – “As You Wish”
ASTRO – “Blue Flame”
CIX – “Numb”
AWEEK – “Breathe”
ONE – “Hard To Love”
JUNG HYO SEONG – “Starlight”
MINAH – “Butterfly”
YUZION – “Unstable”
SUNGMIN – “Orgel”
HAILEY ft. YU SEUNGWOO – “Luvstagram”
GIFT – “Regret”
KAYLA – “Closer”
ADOY – “Lemon”
DINDIN ft. LYN – “Liar”
SMTOWN – “This Is Your Day”
AMBER LIU – “Curiosity” – English Song