New K-Pop Songs | February 2020 (Week 1)

It’s time to discover new K-Pop artists, witness rookies rise to the top, celebrate when our legends come back, and die of shock when an unexpected comeback happens! These are your New K-Pop Songs from January 30th 2020 – February 6th, 2020!

This week we have new #KPOP songs from #EVERGLOW, #iKON, #BTS, #GFRIEND, #LOONA, #cignature, #Treasure, #IZ, #BVNDIT and so much more!

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Songs Included:

iKON – “Dive”
BTS (J-HOPE) – “Outro: Ego”
GFRIEND – “Crossroads”
LOONA – “So What
CIGNATURE – “Nun Nu Nan Na”
TREASURE – “Going Crazy”
IZ – “The Day”
BVNDIT – “Cool”
YEZI – “My Gravity”
DKB – “Sorry Mama”
SAAY ft. Woo – “Winter”
KIM JAEHWAN – “Goodbye”
VINCE ft. ZION.T – “Emergency”
BIBI – “Restless”
JUNNY ft. pH-1 – “AURA”
HASH SWAN ft. JAMIE – “Teenage in Closet”
EPISODE – “Open My Door”
G1NGER ft. jeebanoff – “T-Shirts”
LIM HEON IL ft. Sunwoojunga – “Today”
MAY&SEOK – “A Little Prince”
V-HAWK – “Lake”