🎵 Kpop Playlist | Underrated/Unknown songs from popular groups 🔥

Hello everyone!!! here you have a bit of info about this mix ^^
This playlist is “underrated/ unknown songs from popular groups” so I decided to include side tracks that are mostly to be unknown for a non fan, for example, a fan of GOT7 will definitely know My page, BUT another person who usually don’t listen to them, wont know it.
Mi idea was to give all this songs a change to be listened, thank you @ iGNONERA for the request ^^ Remember to activate or whatever thing you need to do so you know when I ask for request and other stuff in the community tab 😀
I included some of the most popular groups and soloists at the moment, that meaning, they are trending right now.
I needed a reference so I picked artists that do well in charts and /or that sell well.
I didn’t include artists that debuted in 2019 nor 2020.
Also, I know many people will ask where is Blackpink BUT I’m gonna be honest, they have only few songs and they are so so popular that people already know all their discography so there wasn’t any song that I could say: ok, people wont know this one.
That being said, I hope you enjoy the playlist!
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