🌟⭐ KPOP FRIDAY ⭐🌟 25 songs playlist | New and not that new kpop songs

Kpop Friday, ep01 | 200306
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Welcome to my third try on this kind of thing, as always, my idea is to make a playlist for you to be updated with new songs and also discover and remember old songs, as you can see for the name of this one, It will be posted every Friday.
It will have around 25 songs, and I will try not to repeat a song too often, but if its trending a lot, I will use it again after a couple of weeks. I will also be including more side tracks than I usually do in my regular youtube playlists.
In conclusion, my idea is to give you a really good playlist that you can listen to it weekly, where you can find bops, new tracks and also that you think “I wanna listen to it again” even when you don’t know the songs,because there are sooooooooooo many good songs around there and I always think people listen to the same ones are the same groups, with this I don’t have to think of a theme or whatever so I can just put together a bunch of songs 😛
I hope you like it! let me know yout thoughts in the comments ^^ for now I wont be including the timeline, because I need to do this as fast as I can, BUT if Its too bothersome for you, let me know.
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