Ranking Every Song Of The Year Winner Since 2009 (MAMA, MELON & DAZED)

Today is the day I talk about every song of the year winner + Dazed magaxines top picks since 2012! Let me know your version in the comments!
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twitter: Kpopshaken
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Face – Woosung (INST)
Headache – HIGH4
(RIP Manitto Outro)


Q) How old are you?
A) I am 18 🙂

Q) What are your favorite groups?
A) I have a lot, for more answers on my favorites check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA6Dg87lyA8

Q) What is 2ne2?
A) 2ne2 is a youtuber group consiting of Angelina, Markly Spears and Myself.

Q) When will the next stage outfit ranking be?
A) I try to work SOR’s into my schedule for once every fortnight.

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