in celebration of New Years, I present to you kpop idols being shocked and scared of fireworks and confetti. I’ve being waiting all year to post this and now it’s finally my chance. No kpop idols were hurt in the making of this video (I think, anyways hope they’re ok). Happy new year everyone.
This video will not include accidents… it’s just a fun video

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Intro and outro song: BTS – Fire
kpop group and Kpop song included:
【MONSTA X Hyungwon】
【Gfriend Yerin】
Drink every time yerin gets scared of firework
【Exo Kai】【Exo Baekhyun】【Exo chanyeol】
Kai and jongin art different people especially when it comes to firework
Baekhyun gets startled like a puppy
【aoa seolhyun 】
The firework nearly hit seohyun’s face
【snsd taeyeon】【Jessica【snsd sunny】
Sunny got so scared of the firework that snsd members started to cover her ears in the future
【got7 Jackson 】
The focus is meant to be on Jackson but so much is happening behind him haha
Ikon running for their lives
【red velvet joy】【red velvet irene】
Had to put irene and Joy together
Since both are equally scared at the same time
【exid Hani 】
Hani, forever scared of everything
【super junior Yesung 】【super junior ryeowook】
I don’t know what more shocking the firework or the quality of that video… scary
【twice momo sana 】
Dahyun’s like I know it’s going to happen while twice member got shocked.
【blackpink Jennie 】
Poor Jennie
【shinee taemin Key 】
Shinee tried to play it off cool but failed
【apink chorong 】【apink 】
Chorong saw it coming and still got scared of the firework
【infinite sunggyu 】
That woke him up
【wanna one 】
Wow that’s a lot
【BTS 】
【Im Chang Jung 】
By far the funniest reaction to fireworks
【seventeen S.coups 】
Firework: hi
S.coups: *dead*

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