Kpop Idols Unexpected Friendships

Kpop Idols Unexpected Friendships

Here are Kpop idols cute & unexpected friendships out of their own group. Some of these are well known friendship but it’s always nice when two fandom learn their kpop idols bias’ are friends.

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kpop idols and Kpop groups included:
1. Red velvet irene & Blackpink Jennie
Irene and Jennie have recently surprised everyone why their friendship.
2. Snsd tiffany & Big Bang GDragon
It’s rare but sm and Yg are also friends. Tiffany has been seen hanging out with CL and gdragon along with being close to Big Bang members
3. BTS Jin & VIXX ken
Jin, ken and Sandeul are a cute trio of friends
4. Exo Sehun & winner Minho
Sehun is rarely seen with anyone other then Exo member so it’s nice to see this interaction
5. Exo Kai & shinee taemin
Dispatch once followed them around thinking they were dating
6. Apink Chorong & BTOB Changsub
Apink and btob have a very close friendship in general
7. Twice sana & Gfriend eunha
Sana and eunha are like friendship Goals
8. Exo Sehun & got7 Jackson
Jackson was definitely gonna make it on this list since he’s friends with everyone.
9. Exid Hani & sunmi
Whether this was a start of a new friendship or not it’s still thoughtful and kind of hani yo share her coat.
10. Red velvet yeri & blackpink rosè
Red velvet and blackpink are so cute, it’s nice to see rosè comforting yeri
11. BTS Jin & B1A4 Sandeul
As mentioned before, Sandeul is also good friends with ken
12. Somi Lee Daehwi
Somi is friends with everyone because she seems kind and very supportive
13. Sulli & goo hara
Sulli and hara have gotten a lot of attention for their friendship
14. Exo chanyeol & teen top L.joe
This might the be most surprising, I wonder if they’re still friends
15. Blackpink Jennie & twice nayeon
Jennie and nayeon act like sister more then friends

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