Kpop Idols Open Up About Mental Illness

Kpop Idols Open Up About Mental Illness

At times like this we are reminded how short life is and how serious mental health is. Mental illness is no stranger within the Kpop industry and with so much work and pressure it’s not always easily dealt with. This video is made for two reason
– To encourage people to think before they judge a person that they think has a ‘perfect life’ and learn that celebs and kpop idols are human.
– With these kpop idols opening up about their mental health I hope it inspires and helps someone who’s watching this and needs help.

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【Big Bang Gdragon 】
During ‘Heart breaker’ era (during the plagiarism issue) Gdragon admitted to living in isolation and feeling alone and depressed.

【milk club】
Back in 2009 leeteuk, taeyeon and yoona started the milk club for “the gathering of depressed souls.”

“Depression is integrated into my life.”
“I don’t know if I ever overcame it… I’m okay though, I’m not crazy… I think everyone in the modern world is depressed in some way.”


IU Reveals She Received Treatment for Bulimia on “Healing Camp”

【lee joon】


Suzy Was Depressed: “People Look Down on Me Since I’m Young But Expect Me to Act Like an Adult”

【super junior Henry】
On “real man” Henry shared, “I had ADHD until middle school,” giving a bit of insight into the reason for his erratic and unpredictable nature.

【snsd taeyeon 】
Radio Star’, Taeyeon revealed that she got rid of stress by getting piercings.
“I used to get ear piercings, but I took them all out. I did both ears, and I had 6 piercings. [I got them] when I was a trainee. I get stressed from work, but I feel more tortured when we have no work and rest. I think I like it better when we’re so busy we can’t think.”

During a segment in which each member pointed out something another member could improve on, Sunny commented, “I wish Taeyeon would stop [getting wrapped up in her] depression. I’d like it if you would stop listening to sad music and putting yourself in a corner when you already don’t feel good. When you’re feeling down, come to me. I’ll make you [a soju-beef cocktail], and I’ll sing happy songs for you and do cute things.”

On ‘Park Junghoon Show’ “Being a singer is a lonely career”.
“We prepared for years putting all our effort into it, but the actual performance is over in just a few minutes”

【B.A.P Bang Yongguk】

[★BREAKING] Bang Yong Guk halts activities due to panic attacks

【jo kwon】


【Ladies’ Code Sojung】

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