Kpop Bodyguards Protecting & Taking Care Of Idols

Kpop Bodyguard Protecting Idols

Obviously bodyguards jobs are to protect but these are the ones caught on camera. Here are some cute moments between kpop idols and bodygaurd.

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Intro and outro song: IU – you & I
kpop group included:
1. IU – recently IU’s bodyguard has gained attention. They appear to have a cute friendship.
He picked IU up from the platform on stage
He spoke on behalf of IU when IU had a cough
He held an umbrella for IU when it was hot
2. Jessica – Jessica’s bodyguard is always ready to use his jacket to cover Jessica’s legs as she goes up the stairs
3. Somi – somi’s bodyguard was praised for covering somi’s skirt as she walked up the stairs
4. B1A4 – everyone should take notes from Thailand bodyguards. Look at the wall they built around B1A4

Exo – exo’s bodyguard didn’t recognise D.O when he tried to protect Baekhyun
BTS – Mexican army became bodyguards as they created a wall around BTS
South Korean President’s bodyguard has gained attention for his visual.

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