Kpop Idols Saddest Variety Shows Moments

Kpop Idols Saddest Variety Shows Moments

Kpop variety shows are often light hearted and fun however they are times where idols are feel a sudden venerability where they feel they need to open up about their past or something that upset them. Most times this lead the kpop idols to shed some tears. While it’s upsetting for kpop fans to see kpop idols upset and crying it does remind them their also humans with feelings.

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Intro and outro song: Exo – miracle of December
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1. F(x) amber – one of the guest on the show who called his own sister fat, also went on to say that he thought f(x) could lose weight and that Sulli should lose some arm and calves fat, while everyone was shocked and tried to brush it off by joking with the boy, Amber wasn’t having it. Amber stood up to defend Sulli and anyone asked that gets body shamed. So sweet.
2. Snsd yoona – when yoona won an award for acting she forgot to thank snsd members. During a radio interview she felt sorry that she forgot.
3. Exo Sehun – what was meant to be a quick and light hearted message to the members turned out to be quite sad when Sehun opened up about praying for each Exo member.
4. Cosmic girls seola – cosmic girls were suppose to go under water to shoot a photo shoot but one member, Seola, had a phobia of water and burst out in tears. She later faced her fears
5. Astro eunwoo – Eunwoo explained how his brother was in China and he was worried that his brother might be lonely due to being away from his family and not understanding the language.
6. I.O.I Nayoung – Nayoung managed to make everyone cry when she read out a letter from her father.
7. Got7 Jackson & bambam – when asked to write a letter to their loved ones, bambam and Jackson got teary. It definitely must be hard for them since they live in different countries
8. Exo – when kris left Exo appeared on a show as 11 members, when they saw their video message they started to feel upset even the audience was crying.
9. BTS Jhope – Jhope was really happy to get message from everyone but when it was his fathers turn he burst out in tears, happy tears!
10. Got7 Jackson – Jackson got to see his parents as a present
11. Snsd sunny – sunny‘s grandparents were in America getting treatments she was so sad talking about them
12. Girls day hyeri – her grandma passed away days before a scene that involves her character receiving similar new. Her tears on set where real.
13. SNSD Tiffany – Tiffany’s mother passed away when Tiffany was young. Tiffany has one sister and one brother
14. Super junior Leeteuk – when asked about his family situation, leeteuk opened up about his rough family situation
15. Super junior Donghae – donghae and his father where good friends his passing away left his broken on another show he also revealed keeping his fathers phone number
16. Survival shows in general

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