Kpop Male Idols That Are Scared Of Girls

Kpop Male Idols That Are Scared Of Girls

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Track: Seico – My Way

This video shouldn’t be taken seriously and it isn’t realistic. None of these boys are actually scared of girls but this video just captures some moments where it looks like they’ve kept a distance from Kpop female or are just awkward around them. It could be for many reasons such as;manner, professionalism, fanboy moments and/or avoid fan drama, etc. This is just for a laugh and doesn’t mean the idols are like that all the time.

Intro and outro song: red velvet – peek a boo
Kpop idols included:
1. BTS Jungkook
2. BTS taehyung
3. BTS suga
4. Exo Sehun
5. Exo Kai
6. Exo d.o
7. Exo chanyeol
8. NCT taeyong
9. Nct mark & haechan
10. NCT mark
11. VIXX ken
12. VIXX leo
13. Shinee taemin
14. Seventeen wonwoo
15. Seventeen seokmin

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