Kpop memorable Award Show Moments

Kpop memorable Award Show Moments

Since were nearing the end of the year it can only mean one thing… Kpop award shows. Since mama award is right around the corner I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit some award, embarrassing moments during these Kpop award shows. These clips also include accidents.

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Music Used: “Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (

Intro and outro song: snsd – lion heart
Kpop idols included in this video:
1. CL takes infinite sunggyu’s seat
2. Blackpink forever confused
3. Jay parks mic battery fell on Bang Yong Guk
4. Sehun sits on chanyeols chair expecting him to move
5. BTs table flips over
6. IU falls
7. RM said 2002 instead of 2015
8. Twice nayeon almost falls while taking a bow
9. D.O went back to his seat after winning his award only to get back up to receive exos award
10. Gfriends song plays while twice is on stage
11. Suho unleashes his fanboy
12. During the time snsd Tiffany and 2pm nichkhun were dating the cameraman kept s filming his reaction while Tiffany was receiving her award
13. Gd reaction to the kiss
14. Got7 and twice reaction to jyp
15. BTs humble reaction to winning best album of the year
16. Exo always building bottle towers
17. Clumsy taehyung & BTs on screen
18. Mino and Bobby being cute dorks
19. Jisoo and her bottle
20. Krystal is so done with awards shows
21. That one fan that represented every fan ever
22. Suho famous words

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