Kpop Male Idols Helping & Protecting Female Idols PART 2

Kpop Male Idols Helping & Protecting Female Idols PART 2


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While many male Kpop idols stay away from the female some don’t hesitate to show their gentleman side. Here is just a few instances where these male Kpop idols and Korean stars have help and protect female Kpop idols/Korean stars from accident.

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Track: Seico – My Way

Intro and outro song: baekhyun & Suzy- dream
1. Btob changsub showed his gentleman side during a hidden camera experiment
2. Teen top Niel being a gentlemen to apink chorong
3. Hoya being a gentlemen to apink eunji
4. NRG gave their coats to exid
5. BTS jin gave water bottles to Gfriend
6. Park Bogum helps Red Velvet irene
7. Seo In Guk held Apink eunji when she almost tripped
8. Exo chanyeol trying to put necklaces around snsd seohyun neck
9. So Ji Sub’s natural gentleman instinct
10. Yoo Jae suk is a true gentleman
11. Exo chanyeol moves Chen’s head for IU
12. Rap monster hold ailees hand down the stairs
13. Exo suho helps Suzy
14. Mino, Bobby & B.I check to see if IU is ok
15. Super junior Sungmin warns SNSD & F(X) of the fireworks
16. Exo d.o taking care of red velvet
17. Got7 Jackson always their to help out

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