The Most Repeated and remembered Parts In Kpop Songs

The Most Repeated Parts In Kpop Songs

We decided to remake the video because we weren’t happy with the first one and while we can’t include everything, we still want to present Kpop from all generations. We didn’t include gee because it’s known as a whole and sorry sorry because it’s more known with the dance

We list some of the most remembered, famous and replayed lyrics in songs

– this list is not about POPULAR songs but certain phrases and lyrics that have been taken out and used outside of the song such as memes, trends etc.

ntro and outro songs: BTS – blood, sweat and tears
Videos included:
1. PSY – Oppa Gangnam style
[PSY – GANGNAM STYLE] 2. SNSD – Let’s bring it back to 1:40
[Girls generation – I got a boy] 3. Exo – chogiwa
[exo – wolf] 4. Twice – shy shy shy
[twice – cheer up] 5. BTS – Ireumeun Jungkook
[BTS – bulletproof] Compilations made by Tia Jeon Biscoito
6. IOI – pick me
[IOI – pick me] 7. Kara – lalala
[kara – mister] 8. wonder girls – omona
[wonder girls – tell me] 9. Big Bang – wow fantastic baby
[big Bang – fantastic baby] 10. SNSD – DJ put it back on
[SNSD – genie] 11. Shinee – RingDingDong
[Shinee – RingDingDong] 12. Exo – Lipstick Chateau, wine color
[exo – lotto] 13. Blackpink – blackpink in your area
[Blackpink – BOOMBAYAH] [Blackpink – as if it’s your last] 14. Exo – Shawty immature party to the sun down
[Exo – love me right] 15. Twice – I’m like tt
[Twice – TT] 16. BTS – manhi manhi manhi manhi
[BTS – blood, sweat and tears] 17. IOI – very very very
[IOI – very very very] Fancam of bts and seventeen reaction –

18. 2ne1 – I am the best
[2ne1 – I am the best] 19. JYP whisper
20. Orange caramel – hah ( this wasn’t actually in the song just in live)
Video compilation –
21. Red velvet – shine on me, let it shine on me
[red velvet – happiness]

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