Kpop Female Idols Protecting Others From Wardrobe Accidents

Kpop Female Idols Protecting Others From Wardrobe Accidents

We list a few kpop female idols kind gestures towards fellow members and other female idols.
These idols have helped prevent wardrobe accidents.

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Videos and groups included:
* TWICE – Jeongyeon protecting Tzuyu
Jeongyeon holding Tzuyu’s skirt so that it won’t fly up in the wind.
* EXID & TWICE – Hani protecting. Mina and Sana
Hani gave Mina and Sana cushion to cover their legs.
••因twice 成员的裙子太短 Hani竟然做出这个让人惊人的动作?!161231 가요대제전 트와이스TWICE 미나 사나와 EXID언니들 ••
* GFRIEND -Sowon protecting Eunha
Sowon quickly covers Eunha’s skirt from the strong wind.
* EXID & TWICE – Nayeon and Jeongyeon protecting Hani
Hani’s dress was long so Nayeon and Jeongyeon help her to prevent her from falling.
•• 170310 트와이스 (TWICE) 수상후퇴장 EXID-하니 hani 드레스잡아주는 정연,나연 [전체] 직캠 Fancam (케이블방송대상) by Mera ••
* AOA – Jimin protecting Choa
Jimin covers Choa‘s chest with a paper.
* GFRIEND – Yerin protecting Sowon
Yerin shares her blanket with Sowon in order to keep her legs covered.
* MAMAMOO – Moonbyul protecting Solar
Moonbyul sneakily adjusts Solar‘s shorts because they seem to ridden up too high.
* AOA – Chanmi protecting Seolhyun
Chanmi quickly pulls down Seolhyun‘s dress as she gets up to grab food.
* EXID – Solji protecting Hani
Solji makes sure Hani’s chest area us not exposed to the camera.
* I.O.I – Doyeon protecting Sohye
Doyeon was quick to grab Sohye’s skirt to prevent it from flying too high.

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