10 MINUTES OF CHEN’S SILLINESS. 10 minutes of just KIM JONGDAE. These videos are just for fun, videos include silly, funny and cute moments.
Disclaimer: the term ‘stupidity’ isn’t used literally or negatively for this video, our intention is to show the normal and funny side of idols and this in no way means they are unintelligent (far from it) the term is playfully used here.

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Intro and outro song: exo – call me baby
Videos included:

1. EXO Chenalmost fell
2. EXO Chen – The curtain down when they were changing clothes, shy chen runs out!
3. EXO Chen mistook mic for water bottle
4. EXO Chen and suho sexy dance
5. EXO Chen, Baekhyun & Xiumin High pitched tone battle!
6. EXO Chen becomes chensing machine
7. EXO Chen speaks made up language
8. EXO Chen, chanyeol and suho on Happy Together – Chen’s wae
9. EXO Chen ripped his pants
10. EXO Chen and chanyeol dancing with her teacher suho!
11. EXO Chen and his 19+ thoughts
12. EXO Chen shirt rips
13. EXO Chen meat fell
14. EXO Chen drops flowers
15. EXO Baekhyun & Chen on SM Super Celeb League – chen and baekhyun singing songs in Helium voice
16. EXO ChenShaking that butt
17. EXO Chen putting on lipstick
18.EXO Chen Dances EXID’s UP, DOWN
19. EXO Chen dancing to EXID’s hot pink
20. EXO Chen forgot what to say
21. ©glamexo – chen falls
22. EXO Chen doing aegyo
23. ©kimchanxing – chen whining, cutely
24. EXO Chen cushion makes a farting noise
25. Exo suho chose chen has the most handsome but chen chose sehun
26. Exo Chen imitating Kris
27. EXO Chen deep voice
28. EXO Chen shouting cake cake!
29. EXO Chen dancing
30. EXO Chen laugh
31. EXO Chen screaming
32. EXO Chen screams to support xiumin
33. EXO Chen mouthing D.Os part in playboy
34. EXO Chen joins them
35. EXO Chen running
36. EXO Chen shaking his butt
37. EXO Chen didn’t have time to get dressed
38. EXO Chen doing some sexy dancing
39. EXO Chen body roll to the fan
40. EXO Chen VS CHANYEOL feather fight
1. EXO Chen fan want to squeeze Chen

I DO NOT own any photo/video & audio in this video
No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only.