10 MINUTES OF BYUN BAEKHYUN’S SILLINESS. 10 minutes of just BAEKHYUN. These videos are just for fun, videos include silly, funny and cute moments.
Disclaimer: the term ‘stupidity’ isn’t used literally or negatively for this video, our intention is to show the normal and funny side of idols and this in no way means they are unintelligent (far from it) the term is playfully used here.

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Videos shown in order
1. EXO-CBX’s ‘hey mama’ – intro song
2. EXO at 3rd Gaon K-POP Chart Awards, red carpet 2014 – Baekhyun falls/trips
3. EXO-K Incheon fansign 2012 – Baekhyun got startled by fan
4. Perform love me right – Baekhyun shocked by fire
5. Exo showtime episode 10 – Baekhyun reaction to the haunted house
6. exo showtime episode 12 – Baekhyun regrets his reaction to the haunted house
7. Baekhyun, Chen at KBS Kiss The Radio 2013 – Baekhyun speaking English
8. Exo on weekly idol – Baekhyun wolf aegyo version
9. EXO STAR SHOW 360 – Baekhyun’s flexible fingers
10. Roommate – guest Baekhyun imitating an actress
11. KBS Entertainment Weekly EXO interview 2014 – Baekhyun imitating Cheon Song Yi
12. Exo showtime episode 4 – Baekhyun gives chen a gift to remember
13. 150117 – Baekhyun performing with a basket on his head
14. Kwanghee Instagram – Baekhyun and Kwanghee
15. 130820 EXO on MBC SHIMSHIMTAPA – Baekhyun sexy dance
16. Exo on Cultwo Show 2015 – baekhyun’s lady voice
17. Exo showtime episode 9 – baekhyun rap
18. EXO on SBS-R Power FM 2013 – Baekhyun motorbike voice impersonation
19. EXO-CBX The One_Special Clip (From EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM) – baekhyun as a girl
20. 151218 Music Bank EXO Comeback Interview – baekhyun signing song for you
21. SM Super Celeb League [161223] – All I want for Christmas is you
22. 121005 EXO-K on Mengniu Music Billboard Interview – baekhyuns best feature
23. Predebut – Baekhyun light dance
24. Exo filming for Baskin Robins CF – he baekhyun climbing up the slide.
25. EXO-CBX on Line Live of Japan – baekhyun doing pen pineapple apple pen dance
26. Cool Kiz on the Block – baekhyun climbing up rope
27. Baekhyun, chen and chanyeol on Hello Counselor – Baekhyun doing motorcycle sound
28. Love me right era, possible date 150814 – Baekhyun’s cray hair
29. 120602 Genie AR Show – baekhyun scared of bug
30. on stage – baekhyun scared of bug
31. exo planet 2 exoluxion concert – baekhyun imitating Japanese translator
32. Vapp with chanyeol – baekhyun laughing
33. Exo first box – baekhyun imitating d.o
34. Suho and baekhyun on Idol Chef King – baekhyun boiling egg
35. Sehun’s Instagram – baekhyun, junmyeon and sehun made exo + L using sparklers

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