Top 5 Yang Hyun Suk Impersonations Done By YG Artist

Top 5 Yang Hyun Suk Impersonations Done By YG Artist
We count down the best Imitations of yang hyun suk done by YG family members!
Seungri admitted on happy together that Yang Hyun Suk loves when his artist do his voice on shows because it gives him exposure… so we made a whole just about Yang Hyun Suk

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5) AKMU’s Chanhyuk – He was showing the dance moves all YG artist have, the ‘bounce’ and swag of the moves but in that process of showing this dance he was sly and imitated Yang Hyun Suks famous dance moves.
4) PSY – Psys natural is not far from Yang Hyun Suks putting him 4th on our list
3) Blackpink’s Lisa – with Lisa being new idol under YG she defiantly mastered her Yang Hyun Suk imitation by add his position into her act as well. It wouldn’t come as a shock if they trained, pre-debut, to do his voice, since it’s expected for YG artists to be asked on shows to show their Yang Hyun Suk impersonation.
2) Big Bang’s Gdragon – while GD has said he has no desire to go into acting, he sure is good at it, not only is his imitation funny but the way he delivered with his expression and the funny stories makes it all that better.
1) Big Bang’s Seungri – the one and only KING of Yang Hyun Suk imitation is none other the Seungri. He’s imitation are down to a t.

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