Kpop Idols A Disney Princesses & Princes

Kpop Idols A Disney Princesses and Princes

If you’re a fan of Disney then you’re gonna love these kpop idols a little more then before. Here are some kpop idols that resemble Disney princesses & prince. whether it’s the kpop idols visual or the kpop idols personality but something about these kpop idols reminded me of these Disney characters

Hyorin – Let It Go (from “Frozen”)
【KPOP SONG 2: IU – 23】
IU – IU reminds of of Snow White tanks to her pale skin tone, dark hair and red lips that she always rocks.
【KPOP SONG 3: Kara – Cupid】
KARA YOUNGJI – when she was rocking the red locks she really resembles the little mermaid especially with that pink dress
【KPOP SONG 4:BTS – blood sweat and tears】
BTS JIMIN – we have our own kpop princes, JIMIN, even his shadow looks like a prince (search it on google) but we definitely can’t ignore the resemblance between princes Eric and jimin. All that’s left is the blue contacts
【KPOP SONG 4: 2pm – my home】
2PM NICHKHUN – nichkhun definitely has the visuals worthy of a prince
【KPOP SONG 5: EXO – lotto】
EXO SUHO – Maybe because he’s Exo leader but suho has always appeared charming and well manners
【KPOP SONG 6: 2ne1 – Goodbye】
PARK BOM – Anna is so cute and playful, we can’t ignore the similarities in their personalities especially with these clips side by side

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