The Evolution of WONDER GIRLS (원더걸스) – Tribute to K-POP LEGENDS

K-Ville…. and The Wonder Girls! We’re back! — Back here with another tribute to one of the greatest K-pop legends to ever grace our ears with their music! — Wonder Girls were trendsetters and icons of their time. They were one of the first groups to have a viral, global hit (long before Gangnam Style). Bow down to one of the greatest groups we’ve had the pleasure of making a tribute to.

Thanks to UltimateKpop for creating the video for us! You can find their channel here:

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Songs in this Tribute:


Discography of WONDER GIRLS:

It’s Not Love
Tell Me
This Fool
Take It
Wishing On a Star
So Hot
This Time
2 Different Tears
Be My Baby
K-Food Party
The DJ Is Mine ft. School Gyrls
Like This
Like Money ft. Akon
I Feel You
Why So Lonely
Draw Me