This is the official International Top 50 K-Pop Songs Chart for April 2017 (Week 2).’ It is a K-Pop chart where fans from every continent have the power to vote for what they believe are the best K-Pop songs currently.

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► Songs are voted for using the Poll provided in the description in the video.

► Any song on the poll is eligible for voting – you need to vote for at least 10 songs and you can only submit your choice once.

► Each song you choose in your vote receives 1 point towards the chart. The day before the chart is due out, the poll will be closed, and we will make the chart based on those results.

► The songs that will be eligible each week must either:
1) Have been on the chart last week.
2) Have fallen off the chart last week.
3) Have been released since the last voting period closed.

► This means that if a song falls off, it has 1 week to return, or else it cannot come back on the chart.

► Songs can only remain on the chart for a maximum of 10 weeks. Songs that have been on the chart for 10 weeks will no longer be eligible for voting.

► To prevent the #1 position from being dominated from the same group/fandom, there are penalties that apply. If a song has been #1 for 1 week, they will lose 10% of their points if they are #1 the next week. For 2 weeks at #1, they will lose 20%. For 3 weeks, 30%. However, if the song no longer receives enough points to be #1, they will no longer receive a penalty.

► Hot Streak = Song that has risen up the chart 3 weeks in a row.
► Gold Award = Song that has been in the Top 10, or on the chart for 8 weeks.
► Platinum Award = Song that has been in the Top 10 for at least 2 weeks, or in the Top 5 for 1 week.


[New K-Pop Song Releases]

Really Really – Winner
Fool – Winner
2Gether – INX
Tension Up – IMFACT
Make Me Love You – Taeyeon
Good Night – Dreamcatcher
Coloring Book – Oh My Girl
I’m Serious – Day6
Gajah – Gaeo ft. Rap Monster
Please – Black6ix
Better Know – Young Cream ft. J-Boog
Intern – OKDAL
Love Advice – OKDAL
Ocean Drive – Babylon ft. San E
Cheese & Wine – DPR Live


[Songs in Top 50]

Smile Flower – Seventeen
Would U – Red Velvet
I’ll Be Yours – Girl’s Day
Better Together – Seo In Guk
Plz Don’t Be Sad – Highlight
Between Us – CNBLUE
Who’s It Gonna Be – BgA
Circle’s Dream – Subin
Wee Woo – Pristin
Through the Night – IU
Beautiful – Monsta X
ECHO – Seven O’Clock (SOC)
Never Ever – GOT7
It’s Still Beautiful – Highlight
You, Who? – Eric Nam x Somi
Fingertip – G-Friend
Rollin’ – Brave Girls
Wake Me Up – B.A.P
Movie – BTOB
How Can I Say – Day6
Fine – Taeyeon
A Girl Like Me – Gugudan
Reminiscing – Ailee
WoW! – Lovelyz
Eyez Eyez – Victon
Knock Knock – Twice
Not Today – BTS
I Got Love – Taeyeon
Don’t Recall – K.A.R.D
Spring Day – BTS
1.2.3 – B.I.G
Black or White – Cross Gene
Tina – Masc
You Were Beautiful – Day6
Roar – SF9
Yesterday – Block B
My First and Last – NCT Dream
Goodbye – 2NE1
Rookie – Red Velvet
Pretty Pretty – Pentagon
Yes No Maybe – Suzy
The Song – Zion.T
Sketch U – 100%
The Best Present – Rain
Without U – Romeo
Take It – MVP
Dance With Me – VAV
Circle’s Dream – Subin