The [TOP 20] Underrated K-Pop Songs Chart is for the songs that don’t get enough love from the K-Pop community.

[How Does This Chart Work?]

An Underrated K-Pop Song is determined by many things. Its sales, its chart position, its Youtube views and whether it is very well known. This chart is dedicated to the songs that don’t perform very well in these areas. We usually wait about a week or two after a song’s release before we determine whether the song is underrated or not.

[Who Decides the Ranking?]

Ben from K-Ville Entertainment ranks the songs on this chart based on his opinion on their quality & how underrated they are. He reads all the comments so make sure to let us know which K-Pop songs you feel should be in the Top 10 next week!

We really enjoy making K-Pop charts for you guys! This whole channel started out as a fun hobby from a K-Pop fan. For almost 3 years I’ve been making these charts, but now it may become less frequent due to financial reasons. The Youtube channel doesn’t earn enough money for me to live on, which means I have to work at other places to make up for it.

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[Song List]

Doo Doom Chit – Crayon Pop
Love Shoes – The Barberettes
Only U – Yu Seungwoo ft. Heize
Pieces of You and Me – Fromm ft. Giriboy
(Cry) To Your Heart’s Content – Sweet Revenge
Like Family – ANDA
Ballionaire – NU.D
Your Girl – BEATWIN
Fallin’ Fallin’ – HEXE
Summer Dream – KIM JUNA
Round & Round – FIVE RUN STRIKE
Mariya – HALO
What Are You Doing? – VX
My World – IMGL
Over – TWO X
Purple Lips – DOROTHY
Moonlight Shower – BAMBINO