EVOLUTION OF T-ARA (티아라) [2009-2016] – Tribute to K-POP LEGENDS

Queen’s won our competition on Facebook to give T-ARA the next EVOLUTION video! Here’s every single music video they made from 2009-2016! (Not including solo songs).

This is the full videography of T-ARA (티아라)!

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Songs in this Tribute:

Good Person
Women’s Generation
TTL (Time To Love)
TTL Listen 2
Apple Is A
Bo Peep Bo Peep
Like the First Time
Wonder Woman
I Go Crazy Because of You
I’m Really Hurt
We Are the One
Why Are You Being Like This?
Roly Poly
Roly Poly in Copacabana
Cry Cry
We Were In Love
Lovey Dovey
Round & Round
Day by Day
Sexy Love
Bunny Style
Jeon Won Diary – T-ARA N4
Like a Wind
Number 9
Because I Know
Do You Know Me?
Hide & Seek
First Love
Lead the Way
Sugar Free
Little Apple
So Crazy