Here’s K-Ville’s Top 30 Favourite K-Pop Songs of the week! The staff members at K-Ville Entertainment vote for their favourite songs, and we calculate what our Top 30 is though adding up the points. Hope you enjoy how different it is from our regular Top 50 chart! ^-^ 케이팝 노래 차트.

Please keep in mind that we vote on our favourite songs exactly 2 days before this chart is released. If a song is released any time in the past 2 days, then it will most likely not be included on this chart. 🙂

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Songs in this chart:

Because of You – Bloomy
Severely – 4Ten
Sympathy – Jung Joonyoung & Suh Youngeun
You’re the Best – Mamamoo
Dirty Love – Kim Kyu Jong
Galaxy – Ladies’ Code
Hide & Seek – ASTRO
Press Your Number – Taemin
21Gram – Heo Young Saeng
Deepened – Brave Girls
Overcome – NU’EST
Drip Drop – Taemin
Pain – SS301
Feel So Good – B.A.P
I’m Jelly Baby – AoA Cream
Whoo – Rainbow
Love You More – Kim Jae Joong
Hate – 4Minute
Baby Baby – Winner
Sentimental – Winner
I’m Young – Winner
Lollipop (롤리팝) – IMFact (임팩트)
Pick Me Up – SUS4 (써스포)
Rough (시간을 달려서) – GFriend (여자친구)
The Little Prince (어린왕자) – Ryeowook (려욱)
Sting (찔려) – Stellar (스텔라)
Noona, You (누나 너 말야) – Cross Gene (크로스진)
No Love – Lucky-J (럭키제이)
Someone Like U (너 같은) – Dal*Shabet (달샤벳)
Fireworks (불꽃놀이) – SunWoo Jung-A (선우정아) & Jung YongHwa (정용화)