22 K-Pop Dances Banned by KBS for Being Too Sexy (NSFW)

Here are 22 K-Pop Dances that were banned by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS). That means they either had to change their choreography, or risk not getting any air-time to perform their songs. All of these K-Pop dances were “too sexy” for TV, except for a special one that I’ve saved for the very end of the video.

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Here are the 22 K-Pop Dances Banned by KBS

Dr. Feel Good – Rania – The choreography is infamous for being extremely sexual.

Something – Girl’s Day – The sensual dance-moves were apparently too sexual for the public.

B.B.B (Big Baby Baby) – Dal*Shabet – Banned for the part where they seem to rub their breasts.

Miniskirt – AoA – Banned for the part where they start unzipping their miniskirts.

Cha Cha – Rainbow Blaxx – Banned for a couple of dance moves that were too sexy for the public.

Marionette – Stellar – From batt scratches to thrusting, the choreography was of course banned.

Full Moon – Sunmi – The open leg split on the couch was enough to have this choreography changed.

Vibrato – Stellar – Banned for highly sexual moves.

Nice Body | Hyomin – Banned for the part where Hyomin wiggles her ass over and over.

Up & Down | EXID – The hip-thrust dance-move got this popular choreography banned.

Wiggle Wiggle | Hello Venus – The butt wiggles were deemed too sexual for the public.

Paradise Lost | Gain – Banned due to opening her legs up wide in her choreography.

Voodoo Doll | Vixx – Banned for the “stab through the chest” part of their choreography.

So Cool | Sistar – Banned for their hip & butt gestures in their choreography.

A | Rainbow – Banned for the shirt-lift they do to reveal their abs.

Be Ambitious | Dal*Shabet – Banned for the “tear-away skirt” that shows to their long legs.

Amazing – Bad Lady | Cross Gene – Banned for their hip-thrusting and sensual moves.

Never Ever | Ji Yeon – Banned for her hip rolls, which are apparently too sexy for the public.

Move | 4L – Perhaps the most sexual music video ever made. Can you guess why this was banned?

Joker | Dal-Shabet – Banned for the hands on their private-parts move, among other moves.

You’re Pitiful | Fiestar – The leg split got this choreography banned.

One More | Fiestar – Banned for their heads being too close to the man’s crotch.