Halloween is fast approaching, which means the dark K-Pop concepts are ready to rise again!!! These are the K-Pop songs and music videos that are absolutely perfect for celebrating Halloween! From the creepy to the dark, and everything weird in-between! These are the K-Pop songs you MUST have on your Halloween playlist!

Thanks to Imke for asking me to make this video on Patreon! Also, a big thanks to all the fans who helped me make this list through suggesting some songs on Facebook. ^-^

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Here are the dark, creepy, & scary K-Pop songs / MVs on this list:

Voodoo Doll | Vixx
Full Moon | Sunmi
Thriller | BTOB
V | Lee Jung Hyun
Witch | Boyfriend
Lovey-Dovey | T-ARA
Shadow | Beast
Coup d’état | G-Dragon
Manyo Maash | Puer Kim
Monster | BigBang
Flower | Xia Junsu
Bbi Ri Bba Bba | Narsha
On & On | Vixx
Doom Dada | T.O.P
Sweet Dream | MFBTY
Hyde | Vixx
Hate You | Ladies’ Code
Married to the Music | SHINee
Bad | Queen B’Z
Obliviate | BigFlo
Before the Dawn | Infinite
Christmalo.win | Seo Taiji
Pray | Sunny Hill
Zombie Party | Speed
Tarantallegra | Xia Junsu
Paradise Lost | Gain
I’ll Be There | Taeyang
Error | Vixx