INTERVIEW with LunaFly! [K-Ville Exclusive Australian Interview]

This is K-Ville Entertainment’s very first interview with a K-Pop group!!! We were truly honoured to interview LunaFly. They really are such a wonderful group!

You can imagine how nervous I was to be interviewing a group for the first time! I’m just so happy and relieved that it turned out well. ^-^ Thanks as always for your support guys! I’m sure there will be more interviews in the future, and hopefully I’ll have enough experience to stop being so nervous! ;D

This interview took place at the New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Australia. LunaFly were just about to perform a concert, and they graciously allowed me to ask them a few questions before the show started.


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I want to say a big thank-you to:

– The boys from LunaFly, who helped me get over my nerves and conduct the interview!

– Gemma Truong and those at Utopia Entertainment, who organised this magnificent night!

– Moe, Katie & Jae from Kmusic & K-Radio, who helped me with gaining new experiences and learning the ins & outs of interviews. ^-^