We’ve decided to create the “Underrated K-Pop Songs” Series to give more exposure to groups who create great music, but get little love from fans. This video (Part One) is based on my own personal opinion, but I want the rest of the series to be based on what you, the fans, vote for in the comments section!

Please comment below which songs you think should be included in the next Underrated K-Pop Songs video! 😀

Rules for songs to be included:

1. Must have less than 1 million views on Youtube.
2. Must not have charted highly in South Korea.

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Now, here are 10 K-Pop Songs I feel are so underrated:

Hypnotize – Anda (2012)
Driving – A.Cian (2015)
Talk to My Face – D-Unit (2013)
Amazing (Bad Lady) – Cross Gene (2014)
Always – A.Kor (2015)
One Love – F.Cuz (2014)
Not Bad – K-Girls (2014)
One Way – JJCC (2014)
Manyo Maash – Puer Kim (2014)
Not That Kind of Girl – M.Pire (2014)