My Top 300 Favorite K-POP SONGS [PART 3 of 6] Male Version


A lot of you ask me what my personal favorite K-Pop songs are. I decided to make a Top 250 list for you… but then it turned into a Top 275… I finally limited myself to a “Top 300 Favourite K-Pop Songs of All Time,” list. ^-^

This version has male artists only, because if I included girls then It would be a Top 600 list. You can watch my female version here:

While I was making my list, I was super shocked and overwhelmed by the large amount of amazing k-pop songs there are out there. That made it insanely difficult to put them into a chart, but I finally managed to achieve that.


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Here are all the songs included in this video:

Just Another Girl – Kim Jaejoong
Not That Kind of Person – M.Pire
Saturday Night – G.O.D
Tantara – AlphaBat
Driving – A.Cian
U Beauty – 100%
Before the Dawn – Infinite
At First – JJCC
Sorry, Sorry – Super Junior
Overdose – EXO
Get Out – JYJ
Want U Back – 100%
Playground – U-Kiss
Pray – FT Island
Insane – BTOB
Ah-Ah – Teen Top
Breath – Beast
Last Romeo – Infinite
Shock – Beast
Quit Playing (Don’t Flirt) – U-Kiss
She’s My Girl – Beat Win
A-Cha – Super Junior
Love Like This – SS501
Where U At? – Taeyang
Tell Me One More Time – Jinusean ft. Jang Han Na
Be Mine – Infinite
Annie – ToppDogg
A – GOT7
I Need U – BTS
Bad Boy – BigBang
Gangnam Style – Psy
LA-LA-LA – BigBang
Aftermath – ZE:A
I Need a Girl – Taeyang ft. G-Dragon
New World – Madtown
Beep Beep – BTOB
Bonamana – Super Junior
Neverland – U-Kiss
Baby I’m Sorry – MyName
Top Dog – ToppDogg
I’m Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man – Cross Gene
LoveYa – SS501
No Other – Super Junior
Rainbow – Planet Shiver ft. Crush
I’m a Loner – CNBlue
Bae Bae – BigBang
What Is Love – EXO
Without U – 2PM
Bom Bom Bom – Roy Kim