My Top 300 Favorite K-POP SONGS [PART 2 of 6] Male Version


A lot of you ask me what my personal favorite K-Pop songs are. I decided to make a Top 250 list for you… but then it turned into a Top 275… I finally limited myself to a “Top 300 Favourite K-Pop Songs of All Time,” list. ^-^

This version has male artists only, because if I included girls then It would be a Top 600 list. You can watch my female version here:

While I was making my list, I was super shocked and overwhelmed by the large amount of amazing k-pop songs there are out there. That made it insanely difficult to put them into a chart, but I finally managed to achieve that.


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Here are all the songs included in this video:

Rush – Monsta X
Rewind – Zhoumi ft. Chanyeol
Wow – BTOB
Bad Girl – Beast
Hello – Boys Republic
Let’s Not Fall In Love – BigBang
Hello Hello – FT Island
No More Perfume On You – Teen Top
30Sexy – Rain
Bounce – Boyfriend
Heartbreaker – G-Dragon
Midnight Sun – F.Cuz
Hello – SHINee
Hey You – CNBlue
O.K – B1A4
Nillili Mambo – Block-B
Bang Bang Bang – BigBang
Just That Little Thing – MyName
What’s Happening? – B1A4
Love Toxic – Royal Pirates
12:30 – Beast
Intuition – CNBlue
Jackpot – Block-B
Know Your Name – Jay Park ft. Dock
Spellbound – TVXQ
Video Game – Boys Republic
Open the Door – ToppDogg
Just One Day – BTS
Baby Goodnight – B1A4
V.V.I.P – Seungri
That XX – G-Dragon
Ringa Linga – Taeyang
Power – B.A.P
Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
Tomorrow – Tablo ft. Tearing
Growl – EXO
Day n’ Night – Tasty
You Are Special – Boys Republic
Hyde – Vixx
Lovesick – Romeo
Love Love Love – FT Island
A.D.T.O.Y – 2PM
Beautiful – Beast
Only Hard for Me – M.I.B
Voodoo Doll – Vixx
Good Boy – G-Dragon x Taeyang
Sniper – Shinhwa
10 Out of 10 [Hottest Time of the Day] – 2PM
No More – Beast
Butterfly – G-Dragon