K-Pop is my favourite music to take with me to the gym. There’s nothing quite as awesome as exercising whilst listening to some of the greatest K-Pop songs of all time. These are 50 Essential K-Pop Songs to add to your workout playlist! [Female Only Version]

There are plenty of more K-Pop songs that are perfect for the gym. I could have added so many more, but I decided to keep it relatively short and make it an essential Top 50 for exercising and workouts at the gym.

I’d love to know what your favourite K-Pop workout songs are to listen to when exercising! Tell me in the comments, because I’m sure there are great ones that I haven’t even heard of yet. I’m always excited to learn more about this awesome genre of music.

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I know you guys are dying to see my “K-Pop Workout Playlist,” so here is my Top 50 in no particular order:

Sugar Free – T-ARA
Step – KARA
Expectation – Girl’s Day
Up & Down – EXID
Heart Attack – AoA
I Feel Good – EXID
Lovey Dovey – T-ARA
I Am the Best – 2NE1
Number 9 – T-ARA
Pandora – KARA
Jumping – KARA
Mister – KARA
Roly Poly – T-ARA
Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls
Ring Ma Bell – Two-X
Flashback – After School
Gotta Be You – 2NE1
Electric Shock – F(x)
Love Options – BESTie
Miss You – Tiny G
TTL Listen 2 – T-ARA
Sexy Love – T-ARA
We Are a Bit Different – EVOL
One More – Fiestar
Give It To Me – Sistar
Crazy – 4Minute
Catallena – Orange Caramel
Why Did You Come To My Home? – MINX
Cupid – Kara
Mr. Mr. – Girls’ Generation
Drama – 9Muses
Genie – Girls’ Generation
Touch My Body – Sistar
U&I – Ailee
Short Hair – AoA
Do You Know Me? – T-ARA
Volume Up – 4MINUTE
Always – A.KOR
Lupin – KARA
Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ Generation
Ah Yeah – EXID
Goodbye Baby – Miss A
Gee – Girls’ Generation
Domino Game – Kiss & Cry
BoPeep BoPeep – T-ARA
Female President – GIRL’S DAY
Mamma Mia – Kara
Bubble Pop! – Hyuna
Rum Pum Pum Pum – F(x)
Hurt Locker – 9Muses