This Top 20 K-Pop Song Chart is all about what my personal favourite K-Pop songs are for the week: [July 23rd – July 28th 2015]. You all vote on my Top 50 K-Pop Song Chart, where the results are 100% based on what songs you guys like. This chart is about what I personally enjoy listening to. 🙂

My taste in K-Pop songs is pretty dysfunctional. You’ll notice that I don’t favour any particular type of song, any particular group, or any K-Pop company. If I LOVE a song, then they will be on this list. If I’m not that into a song, then they won’t be here. It’s that simple. ^-^

I make these charts because it’s frustrating to see underrated groups and songs get unnoticed by people. This chart is my chance to show the world some of the best K-Pop songs out there!

I hope you all enjoy my personal favourite songs of the week! It may not have all the “current popular songs,” but that’s what makes it different. ^-^

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Top 20 K-Pop Songs this week:

Attention – Wanna.B

Why Should I? – Awesome Baby

Don’t Be Shy – Primary ft. Choa & Iron
Vibrato – Stellar
Rise as One – Max Changmin
Chewy – D.Holic
Yey – Beast
Me Gustas Tu – G-Friend
Just Right – GOT7
I’m Ill – Hello Venus
Sober – BigBang
Um Oh Ah Yeh – Mamamoo
Heart Attack – AoA
Hurt Locker – 9Muses
You & Me – Kisum ft. Jooyoung
Obvious – Chaeyeon
Party – Girls’ Generation
Cushion – Sonamoo
Bad – Infinite
Remember – Apink