K-Pop is my favourite music to take with me to the gym. There’s nothing quite as awesome as exercising whilst listening to some of the greatest K-Pop songs of all time. These are 80 Essential K-Pop Songs to add to your workout / exercise playlist! [Male Only Version]

There are plenty of more K-Pop songs that are perfect for the gym. I could have added so many more, but I decided to keep it relatively short and make it an essential Top 80 for exercising and workouts at the gym.

I’d love to know what your favourite K-Pop workout songs are to listen to when exercising! Tell me in the comments, because I’m sure there are great ones that I haven’t even heard of yet. I’m always excited to learn more about this awesome genre of music.

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I know you guys are dying to see my “K-Pop Workout Playlist,” so here is my Top 80 in no particular order:

Play With Me – Cross Gene
The Chaser – Infinite
Face – Nu’est
Hands Up – 2PM
Everybody – SHINee
Back – Infinite
Eternity – Vixx
Lucifer – SHINee
Fantastic Baby – BigBang
Boy In Luv – BTS
Sorry, Sorry – Super Junior
Overdose – EXO
Go Crazy – 2PM
Ghost of the Wind – ZE:A
Want U Back – 100%
Crooked – G-Dragon
Sexy, Free & Single – Super Junior
Mona Lisa – MBLAQ
Rocking – Teen Top
One Shot – B.A.P
Shock – Beast
RingDingDong – SHINee
Mr. Simple – Super Junior
Rock Ur Body – Vixx
Justice – C-Clown
Sleep Talking – Nu’est
Delilah – Bigflo
Yey – Beast
Stay – MBLAQ
Mirotic – TVXQ / DBSK
Fire – JJCC
Time Is Up – LED Apple
Venus – Shinhwa
Ttantara – Alphabat
Beautiful Night – Beast
Bonamana – Super Junior
Good Luck – Beast
Pain, The Love of Heart – Speed
U Beauty – 100%
Breath – Beast
Open the Door – Topp Dogg
Very Good – Block B
Catch Me – TVXQ
NalinA – Block B
Super Hero – Vixx
So Into U – LU:KUS
Voodoo Doll – Vixx
Trespass – Monsta X
Bang Bang Bang – BigBang
Call Me Baby – EXO
History – EXO
Nillili Mambo – Block B
Growl – EXO
A-Cha – Super Junior
War of Hormone – BTS
Let’s Love – C-Clown
It’s Over – Speed
Adore U – Seventeen
Mama – EXO
Her – Block B
Hyde – Vixx
Ah-Ah – Teen Top
Bounce – Boyfriend
Arario – Topp Dogg
Ringa Linga – Taeyang
Wow – BTOB
Wolf – EXO
Bad Boy – 100%
You Know Me – Tasty
Last Romeo – Infinite
Thriller – BTOB
Jackpot – Block-B
Zero For Conduct – Bastarz
I’ll Be Back – 2PM
Danger – BTS
Warrior – B.A.P
Man In Love – Infinite
A – GOT7
This Love – Shinhwa