New K-Pop Chart is out! Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYBHR-iULfc

“Top 50 K-Pop Songs for July 2015 (Week 1)” is a chart where the fans vote for their favourite songs in the hope that they will reach high positions. The rules for voting are found in the description of the video 🙂


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Rules for my chart:

1. All new entries will debut at the beginning of my chart (unless they have already received points from fan votes, then they will debut higher). This is so that they don’t infringe on what the fans have voted for in the previous week.

2. I want you to rank your Top 10 K-Pop Songs in order of which songs you like the most. So rank your favorite song as #1, and one of your lesser favorites as #10.

3. The reason I want you to rank your favorite songs now, is because the position you give them will be converted into points. A song you rank as your #1 favorite will receive 10 points, while a song that is ranked #10 will receive 1 point. It’s pretty simple guys 🙂

4. If your votes are not ranked from 1 to 10, I will assume that you like all of those songs equally and will award them an equal share of points.

5. I will then count all of the points for each song, which in the end will give us a better idea of what everyone’s favorite songs are each week.

Rules for voting:

1. Vote for no more than 10 songs please.

2. When a song has spent 12 weeks on the chart, it will automatically fall off in the next week.

3. A “GOLD SONG” is a song that has either:
– Spent at least 1 week in the Top 10.
– or has been on the chart for over 8 weeks.

4. A “Platinum Song” is a song that has either:
– Debuted in the Top 5.
– Spent at least 1 week in the Top 3.
– Stayed in the Top 10 for at least 5 weeks.

5. If I have even the tiniest suspicion that someone is using multiple accounts to vote for their favorite songs, I will disregard their votes. Those who do this multiple times will be blocked from my charts indefinitely 🙂

Vote for your Top 10 like this:

1. SONG by SINGER or GROUP. — this will receive 10 points.
2. SONG by SINGER or GROUP. — this will receive 9 points.
3. SONG by SINGER or GROUP. — this will receive 8 points.
10. SONG by SINGER or GROUP. — this will receive 1 point.


[New Entries]

Sober – Bigbang
Go Easy – Poten
Jung – Tren-D
Honey Summer – NS Yoon-G
I’m a Hotshot – Hotshot
Love Shake – Minx
Hurt Locker – 9Muses
It’s Okay – BTOB

Other Songs on this chart:

Cupid – Oh My Girl
Awoo – Lim Kim
The Little Prince – Park Gyuri and From the Airport
Hey You – 24K
Touch – Anda
Joker – Dal*Shabet
Hello Bubble – Girl’s Day
The Light – The Ark
Obvious – Chaeyeon
Kiss My Lips – BoA
Love Game – Lim Kim
Awesome – N.Flying
Hello – Boys Republic
Play With Me – Cross Gene
#LoveMe – Melody Day
Like – CLC (Crystal Clear)
Might Just Die – History
Mirror – MBLAQ
Playback – Playback
Kontrol – Kim Sunggyu
EoEo – Uniq
Excuse Me – BESTie
What U – SPEED
Zero For Conduct – Bastarz
Trespass – Monsta X
Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
Bae Bae – BigBang
We Like 2 Party – BigBang
Ah Yeah – EXID
Loser – BigBang
View – SHINee
Um Oh Ah Yeh – Mamamoo
Cupid – Kara
Ah-Ah – Teen Top
Adore U – Seventeen
My House – 2PM
Shake It – Sistar
Bang Bang Bang – BigBang
Love Me Right – EXO
Heart Attack – AoA
I Need U – BTS
Dope (Sick) – BTS

Leaving the chart:

Baby Boy – High4
The Answer – Kim Sunggyu (Infinite)
Ma First – Jang Hyunseung
Mommae – Jay Park and Ugly Duck
Just Tell Me – MyName
While You’re Sleeping – Halo
Who Are You? – BoA and Gaeko