TOP 35 K-POP BOY GROUPS OF 2014 (January to June)!

I have no doubt that this will be one of my most controversial videos ever, considering all the die hard fans of every single boy group in K-Pop.

This list is based on 2 things. The first is my personal opinion on the quality of music produced by these boy groups. The second is the amount of songs and success that each group has had in 2014. If this list were based purely on my biases, it would look very, very different.

Remember, the rankings are based on the songs that the boy groups have released in 2014 ONLY. It does not take into account their songs or popularity prior to 2014. Also try to remember that this video was made on the 29th of June. Any song released after that obviously won’t be present. I will make a follow-up list. I may even expand it to Top 50 boy groups later on.

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