Kpop 2018 Underrated Songs PART 1 | 2018 Songs that should have done better

song list below 👇 This songs were requested on the Best of 2018 Part 1/3 video. You can request for the part 2 on the comments section ^^

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0:00 IN2IT 인투잇 – SnapShot
3:33 RAINZ 레인즈 – Turn it up
7:01 Dreamcatcher 드림캐쳐 – YOU AND I
10:13 SNUPER 스누퍼 – Tulips 튤립
13:20 임팩트 IMFACT – 빛나 The Light
16:30 CLC 씨엘씨 – BLACK DRESS
19:41 TARGET 타겟 – Awake
23:24 Kim Sung Kyu 김성규 – True Love
27:01 APRIL 에이프릴 – The Blue Bird 파랑새
30:14 TVXQ! 동방신기 – Love Line 평행선
33:29 N.Flying 엔플라잉 – HOW R U TODAY
36:36 GreatGuys 멋진녀석들 – GANDA 간다
39:42 Lovelyz 러블리즈 – That day 그날의 너
42:53 TheEastLight. 더 이스트라이트 – Real Man 레알 남자
46:16 SF9 에스에프나인 – MAMMA MIA
52:44 MAMAMOO 마마무 – Everyday 매일 봐요
55:55 NOIR 느와르 – GANGSTA
59:18 24K 투포케이- Bonnie N Clyde
01:02:43 TWEETY 트위티 – BAD BOY
01:06:07 UNB – Feeling 감각
01:09:48 BerryGood Heart Heart 베리굿 하트하트- Crazy, gone crazy난리가 난리가 났네
01:13:23 Black6ix 블랙식스- Alone 쓸쓸해
Couldn’t include My Darling 마이달링 – Dramatic드라마틱