Kpop R&B, Urban, Soul 2018 Mix #02 | Kpop Playlists [재생 목록] 알앤비/어반/Soul 2018

song list below 👇 Korean R&B, Urban, Soul’s songs released in 2018. Part 2
Part 1

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0:00 TAEYEON 태연 – Something New
3:20 ZICO 지코 – SoulMate Feat. IU아이유
6:50 Suho 수호, Jane Jang 장재인 – Dinner
10:13 KATIE – Remember
13:12 Kassy 케이시 – Your memory사진첩
16:48 Paul Kim(폴킴) – Additional
20:35 Hwasa 화사 – 덤덤해지네 Became Calm
23:59 JooYoung 주영 – Daydream
26:56 Heize 헤이즈 – didn’t know me 내가 더 나빠
30:47 Heon Young Saeng 허영생 – 지구가 멸망해도 Feat. Mad Clown 매드클라운
34:51 KHAN 칸 – I’m Your Girl ?
37:52 SHINee (샤이니) – 네가 남겨둔 말 (Our Page)
41:50 Whee In 휘인 – EASY Feat. Sik-K
44:52 Crush – Bittersweet 잊을만하면
48:45 Colde – Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush)
53:09 HA:TFELT 핫펠트 – Pluhmm 위로가 돼요
56:53 LADIES’ CODE/SOJUNG 소정- Stay Here