K-Ville has compiled for you a total of 113 Underrated #kpop Songs that were released so far in #2018! – Underrated in this case essentially means that the songs were not as successful as they should have been. – As more songs are released through 2018, we will create a Part 2 at the end of the year to incorporate all of the upcoming underrated K-Pop Songs, and possibly include any that you feel we may have missed in this video.

#KVille has also put together a playlist including all of these songs for you to stream to help increase their views and give these groups extra revenue through ads. Increasing views of music videos also helps their chances of being recommended through YouTube’s system, so they are indeed important for struggling artists. You can watch them all here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOJ1nP1cWwjGDT7yR0qeWttEMuDvVPh4m

Thanks to all of our subscribers for staying with us for so long. I hope you enjoy this video! It was a labour of love to make this, as K-Ville was founded on helping underrated artists get some love and recognition.

Songs included in this video were:

159cm – TENNY
Allegro Cantabile – NATURE
Always Find You – Yuri x Raiden
Angel – HOYA
Angel – IZ
Are You Okay – The East Light
Awake – Target
Because of You – GRACE
Between Us – Laboum
Bibidi Babidi Boo – Honey Popcorn
Black Heart – UNB
Blue Moon – Gyeong Ree
BomBom – Gyeong Ree & Choi Nakta
Bonnie N Clyde – 24K
Candyland – UP10TION
Clover – Longguo ft. Yoon Mi Rae
Complete – ONF
Crazy, Gone Crazy – BerryGood HeartHeart
Diamond Girl – MXM
Distance – CLC
DKDK – fromis_9
Don’t Be Pretty – 14U
Dramatic – NTB
Dressroom – Primary, Anda
Egoist – Olivia Hye (of Loona)
Falling In Love – Woo Jin Young, Kim Hyun Soo
Far Away – Nick & Sammy
Feeling – UNB
Flower – VARSITY
Fly – Cross Gene
GANDA – GreatGuys
Gangsta – NOIR
Ghost – Ashmute
Gone Cold – MXM
Grapes – Busters
Grow Up – Stray Kids
Her – Drug Restaurant
Here We Are – Ashley
Hocus Pocus – PLT
Hot Potato – N.Flying
How R U Today? – N-FLYING
I’ll Be There – Cheetah
I’m Your Girl? – KHAN
iD – Sleepy
Is It True – TARGET
It’s Okay – Kisum ft. Heize
It’s U – Golden Child
Just One Day – Badkiz
Lady – Golden Child
Lady – Yubin
Let Me – Golden Child
Light It Up – Spectrum
Like Paradise – Kriesha Chu
Love Flutters – The East Light
Love It Live It – YDPP
Love Line – TVXQ
Love Story – TST
Love Tint – Hyeongseop x Euiwoong
love4eva – Loona YYXY
Luv Highway – Eyedi
Mi Amor – CoCoSoRi
Mmook Jji Bba – SATURDAY
Moonlight – NeonPunch
Moonlight – Primary, Anda
My Story – Naeun, Jinsol
No More – UNI.T
Oasis – SOYA
OMG – Halo
One – Samuel ft. Jung Ilhoon
One & Only – Go Won
Only One – UNB
Palace – D-CRUNCH
Pluhmm – HA:TFELT
Real Man – The East Light
Reason – MFECT
Restless – Melody Day
Seoul Night – Teen Top
Shadow – Various
Shameless – I.C.E
She Bad – Myteen
She’s Gone – Jung Ilhoon
Shooting Star – NewKidd02
Snapshot – IN2IT
Sober – Hyo
Sorry For My English – IN2IT
Spotlight – VAV
Stay Here – Sojung
Strong – WJMK
Summer Dream – Elris
Sunset – Kim Dong Han
Take Me Higher – A.C.E
The Blue Bird – April
The Light – Impact
The Open Boat – Primary, Anda
Time of Sorrow – Victon
To Do List – Hyolyn
To Heart – fromis_9
Toddle – Kang Min Hee
Touch & Sketch – LEO
Touch It – Cross Gene
True Love – Kim Sung Kyu
Tulips – Snuper
Turn It Up – Rainz
Twinkle – Lovelyz
Wag-Zak – Lovelyz
Where Are You From? – FAVORITE
Where I Am Gone – Yang Yoseop
Wolf Baby – TRCNG
You & Me – Yoon Mi Rae ft. Junoflo
Zeppelin – Primary, Anda