Hi everyone!! so, I thought about this to give a little extra to my channel and also to promote my Twitch account (where I’ll be doing stream lives since It seems I cant here in youtube yet) and also my Twitter (which actually will be really useful for me since I can announce things easier there, make polls, ask questions, etc)

So, first of all, the winner of the contest will “win” a playlist of 30 songs what he/she will create. The winner will pick everything: the thumbnail picture, the background and the most important, the songs!

How can you enter?

1.- Follow me in Twitter https://twitter.com/kmusicplaylist
2.- Follow me in Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/kpopplaylists
3.- Write in the comments what was the first ever kpop song you listened (also, if your username is different in the other platforms, add your twitter and twitch name)
4.- You have until 2018.09.01 to enter the game! ^^