We go up is a bop.

Onf – Complete and not Complete me, sorry but the lyrics confused me hahah

I have seen the final ranking of Produce 48 and I am very very happy. Jo Yuri is 3rd ! I am very happy about all the members, I’m just sad that Chowon isn’t here-

Before leaving a comment read this please

Comments like:

-Where is X artist/song ?
– No X artist/group ?
– The video is almost 30 minutes long and there is just one song of X artist
– I would have lost if X artist/song was here.
– …

Will be deleted.

I always have a lot of comments like this on my videos and I hate them for 3 reasons:

– I’m not god. I can’t add all the kpop songs who exist.
– Your comments won’t bring the artist/song miraculously in the video. It’s just bothering me.
– This is MY channel so I think I still have the right to choose the songs I put in my video.. Don’t you think ?

Thank you for reading this !
Of course my goal isn’t to be mean or rude or just anything, it’s just that it would be nice to have more comments about things like the editing or just my work in general 🙂

AND of course don’t repost my videos on your channel and saying it’s yours :/ I don’t spend my time to edit videos for them to be stolen by others…