It’s been nearly 5-years since I created K-Ville. We started off just trying to help people discover new and underrated artists. From there we went on to try and educate fans on K-Pop history and trivia, such as the legendary groups and view-count videos. I feel that there are now plenty of sources for you to get that information from, so our channel isn’t necessarily needed anymore.

After all these years, the reason I keep on making these videos is because we have become a part of K-Pop history. Not K-Ville as a channel, but all of us together as a community. Since January 2014, we’ve seen artists rise from obscurity to take K-Pop to heights we never imagined possible. We saw the legendary groups begin to disband one by one, when it felt like they would be there forever. So many artists have come and gone in this time. It’s all documented here, on these charts. It’s such a beautiful thing what we as a community have created here. We’re a part of K-Pop History, and that’s why I never want to stop making these videos.

I didn’t want to split this countdown into different parts, but with my schedule of work these days I just need to release what I can for you. It takes hours to create these videos. I am also studying and working a full-time job, so you can imagine the lack of sleep I get.

I decided to showcase literally every single song that made it onto the TOP 60 K-Pop Songs Chart in 2018, because let’s be real, it is EXTREMELY difficult these days to even get onto the chart. That’s all thanks to the fact that K-Pop is bigger than it has ever been, so literally hundreds of groups and solo artists are all vying for the attention of the international community.

These videos are my way of paying a bit of respect to the artists who achieved that success. As a result, we will be counting down 300+ songs from last year, ranked in order from the least points to the most. — As we get to the Top 200, I will reveal the overall points they received.

Here’s how the songs gained those points:

1. Each and every week, we release a TOP 60 K-POP SONGS CHART, where you the fans get to vote for your favourites.

2. If a song reaches the #1 position on the chart, they get 60 points. If a song reaches the #60 position on the chart, then they get 1 point. That is how this point system works.

3. We then add up all the points that the song had received each week on the chart until they fall off. They will end up with an “Overall score.” The highest score a song can get is 600 points.

4. Some songs are still earning points on the chart because they were released very late in the year, or they only just made it onto the chart recently. The list below shows what placement they would likely have gotten if they finished their run on the chart. In Part Two of this Countdown, those songs were:

“Love Shot” – EXO (likely Top 20)
“Fiance” – MINO (likely Top 100)
“Days Gone By” – DAY6 (likely Top 100)
“Blue Rose” – UP10TION (likely Top 100)
“No Air” – THE BOYZ (likely Top 150)
“Miracle” – GOT7 (likely Top 150)
“Loved” – HIGHLIGHT (likely Top 150)
“Thank U Soooo Much” – YUBIN (likely Top 200 or 150)
“Genie” – GOLDEN CHILD (likely Top 200)
“Like A Flower” – N.FLYING (likely Top 200)
“Miss You” – ERIC NAM (likely Top 200)
“Finale” – H.U.B (definitely Top 250)

So please keep this in mind before you comment “they deserved better”. They still did a great job considering they were only on the charts for a short period of time. Many of these songs probably would have made the Top 100 of this year.

Thank-you for an amazing year everyone. Please like this video, subscribe to our channel, and most importantly, keep supporting your artists.