GOTTA GO IS A BOP Chungha slays us like always with her songs and choregraphies x)

I know it’s been a long time since I made my last video sorry ! But I wasn’t feeling that well recently and I had no motivation to do a video.

Here is the link to Miha Anime:

Please take a look at the channel, it would be really nice 🙂

Please read this before you leave a comment.
Like all the other videos, don’t post comments asking me where is X group or X song ? Because I can’t add all the kpop artists and songs.

And I wanted to say something. I know I told to some people that I will promote their channel because they asked me if I could do it but there are too much people so please understand that I can’t add all of you in my videos. Sorry.

I’ll just talk about one channel, Aeriyah.

She made only one video for the moment but it’s a nice video, go take a look at her channel x)